#Sweden #RapeJihad Muslim from Syria rapes 21 woman and children in one month and still up for Asylum

raped 21 women and children in a month – now requires Mohammed, 27, asylum and contributions in Sweden

  • Come to Sweden illegally in September – started committing sex crimes directly
  • Molested 21 girls and women aged between four and 69 years

Published December 9, 2014 at 19:06

HOME. The 27-year-old asylum seeker Mohammed from Syria stands right now indicted by Mora District Court after sexattackerat not less 21 women and girls since he came to Sweden in September this year. His youngest victim was a four-year girl in a bathing in Rättvik. Now you want to have Mohammed asylum in Sweden – something he will most likely be granted because all Syrians to be granted a permanent residence permit in Sweden under an agreement between the previous government and the Green Party.


Mohammed’s eligibility and application for asylum shows that he does not want to show any identification documents for the Swedish authorities 

Mohammed came to Sweden as a refugee in late summer and submitted his application for asylum to the Migration Board on 29 September. He says he comes from Syria and that he wants to have a residence permit in Sweden because he was subjected to “robbery, looting and war” in his homeland.

He was placed on asylum accommodation Four horses in Rättvik – a place that opened last winter, despite vigorous protests from the right Viksborna. Behind the asylum accommodation is the hotel owner and the expectant asylum contractor Margareta Asplund who changed the industry to asylum industry and signed a lucrative contract with the Swedish Migration Board.

Mohammed has subsequently during the month of October sexofredat no less than 21 different women and girls in Rättvik – the youngest victim a four year old girl. He tafsade on and tried to kiss the four-year girl while she was out walking with her father, but his father intervened and repulsed the assault, it can be read in the police interrogation as Free Times aware of.

On another occasion he followed a young mother who just left his daughter in kindergarten. Mohammed stopped the mother and asked her if he could buy her daughter.

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