Tärnsjö was a quiet Swedish town of a thousand inhabitants, 150 km north of Stockholm. Then came the so-called refugees. And the nightmare began.

It culminated in a battle between natives and newcomers from insults and stones: then the muslim refugees set fire to cars.

But  these events are not exceptional Tärnsjö in Sweden, dozens of arson attacks against the centres / invaders, enough to force the xenofilo Swedish government , which has always boasted  about the reception of refugees but decide to  keep secrets  to its citizens subjects as to where the sites are that they send refugees,  rather than to close the borders.

A world without borders, is the dream of the mentally ill.


They terrorize the passengers of a train to the cries of “Allah Akhbar”

Six muslim youths arrested by the police after forcing the train to stop at Salses-le-Château.

Six youths were arrested on the night of Wednesday to Thursday by the gendarmes of the company Rivesaltes (Pyrénées-Orientales) after having terrorized passengers on a TER, shouting death threats and shouting “Allah Akhbar” in the speaker system of the train.

The scene occurred around 22 pm Wednesday night, around Narbonne, on the train that circulated between Avignon and Perpignan, and in which there were 30 passengers at the time. they threatened to kill passengers, ordering them to deposit their mobile phones to the ground and shouting:” Otherwise we will kill you, “said a source close to the investigation.

The train controller had managed to combine the frightened passengers in the same car, and warned the police, who intervened when the train stopped at the emergency station Salse-le-Château. There, two young girls part of the disruptive group were arrested, while four boys managed to flee. However, they were quickly identified and arrested in the morning. now they are in custody of the police.,1244877.php



More often you hear about the mysterious men napastujących girls and women on the streets of Lublin. A few days ago, one of the girls was cut with a blunt instrument.According to witnesses, two of the perpetrators were Muslims.

On October 29th a young girl  was returning home in the morning. When she got off at the bus stop she realized she was being followed by a young man – He followed her all the way from the bus stop to her house on the Popieluszko street in Lublin.

The girl ran into her apartment very shaky and told her roommates that she had been followed and the attacker was in the stairwell of the of the roommates of the girl ran into the apartment also scared. Colleagues did not want to believe her at first, but eventually they went to investigate and found the man lurking. After a brief fracas the muslim was chased and they thought the incident was over.

Unfortunately, when another of  the apartment tenants returned from shopping,she encountered 3 men under the stairs two were muslims, she asked the third man in Polish if he was aware of what happened earlier concerning a girl being followed home and that the assailant was chased by two men, their response was rude so she told them to get out. When she turned she felt a grip on her shoulders and something dark being wrapped around her face. She heard a completely foreign language, they began to cut her hand with a blunt instrument. It was not the end. The assailants tore at the girl’s clothes and cut part of her chest.

Flustered by a neighbor appearing the 3 fled, but  the Polish-speaking man threatened that this is just the beginning.

The case has greatly angered Internet users, but the police have still  not released photos of the suspects obtained through CCTV.

At the moment, the police decided that the operations will be carried out on their own. We will try to reach our own paths to these men. If we assume that it will need to publish such monitoring then certainly no such monitoring will be forwarded to the media – said Kamil Gołębiowski spokesman for the Police in Lublin in an interview with TV portal niezaleznylublin.



Boom of aggression against so-called asylum seekers Muslims in Germany, over the weekend.

Two of the attacks against muslims were in Wismar and Magdeburg,there were groups of over 20 people who attacked and beat asylum seekers with baseball bats after the rapes occurred in the two cities, the victims of RapeJihad were German , and the perpetrators were muslims.

In a third attack, a Syrian was injured by broken glass when petrol bombs were thrown at the window of his room in a hotel in Freital in the eastern state of Saxony. Also in this case, after some cases of harassment.

A Sehnde near Hanover, a man aged 43 was arrested on charges of arson against a hotel for asylum seekers from Montenegro. No one was injured in the attack.

Several arson attacks were also reported against future asylum designated centers throughout Germany, including an empty hotel in Dresden and a former home for young people in Castrop-Rauxel in western Germany.

The war has just begun.



The EU seems to have broken through the inertia and is ready to launch next week the guidelines on the labeling of products from Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

Israel has responded harshly to the publication of the guidelines, commented diplomatic sources, ” They encourage actions to boycott  products of Israel”, as well as being “at the moment a bonus for Palestinian violence and the refusal to negotiate “. The same sources explained “by being informed that the publication would take place very soon”, calling the decision of Brussels “openly discriminatory in nature.”

Benyamin Netanyahu – has announced on the eve of his trip to Madrid, a press conference on the matter. At his side, among others, Yossi Dagan, head of the Council of Samaria, as Israel calls a part of the West Bank.

The news comes as Israel today also saw two new attacks by Palestinians, with four Israelis stabbed three in Rishon Le-Zion, a small town not far from Tel Aviv, and one in Netanya, a city on the north coast . Preceded this morning by an attempted stabbing of an Israeli soldier at a checkpoint Jalama near Jenin, in the West Bank. A situation that is gripping the country for weeks and that – according to some analysts – is not likely to fade quickly

Asylum crisis: CDU calls for compulsory service for young people.


Eckhardt Rehberg: young people are forced service for asylum seekers. 

BERLIN. The CDU MP Eckhardt Rehberg has called for a compulsory service for German youth because of the rising numbers of asylum seekers. “We need their duty. Otherwise we will not cope with the influx of refugees and their integration “, Rehberg said the editorial network Germany.

In his opinion, young people should be provided by the school before the choice of either a year to go to the Bundeswehr or abzuleisten a social year. “All those who say today that  it is not going to happen,you will think differently in a year and a halfs time,” the CDU politician emphasized in the view of the congestion of volunteer refugee helpers.

He received support from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Interior Minister Lorenz Caffier (CDU).With this measure, the Bundeswehr could recruit more young people. However, a reintroduction of conscription was not objective. This is a pure emergency measure in view of the impending “humanitarian refugee disaster” said Caffier.



 The Muslim population in Germany will quadruple, reaching 20 million, over the next five years.

You can only define this as a muslim invasion. this was ‘the forecast of a demographic research by the Bavarian parliament.

The German government expects to receive 1.5 million asylum seekers in 2015, and perhaps even more in 2016. After calculating family reunions – based on the assumption that individuals whose asylum applications are approved  they will then be joined by a average of four additional members of the family in Germany – that number will swell exponentially.

Today, already 5.8 million Muslims are living in Germany.

According to the president of the Association of Bavarian municipalities (Bayerische Gemeindetag), Uwe Brandl, Germany is now on track to have “20 million Muslims by 2020.” The increase of the Muslim population in Germany, if not blocked, is a demographic change of epic proportions, that will change the face of Germany forever.

Brandl warned that unbridled immigration entail heavy costs to German taxpayers and may also lead to social unrest.



In Brandenburg a region of Berlin over 7,000 would be welcomed islamic refugees have  ‘disappeared’ According to the newspaper Die Welt , several hundred illegals every week since september have gone missing.

If you were ISIS what would you do, send your troops to Europe ?



The Italian Catholic cemetery in Tripoli “Hammangi” was devastated. Again.

Crosses were destroyed and headstones smashed,”The images that testify scarring speak for themselves for their rudeness and it completes the picture of the tragic situation in Libya,” said the president dell’Airl Giovanna Ortu.



After the plane crash on Mount Sinai, check a notice given to the pilots of British companies on routes to Sharm El Sheikh.

The pilots were warned three months ago, to “avoid flying below a certain altitude in the airspace of the Egyptian northern Sinai”, because of the threat of “anti-aircraft weapons.”

The notice of the regulator Airmen (NOTAM) was released on September 9 at 08:50 and planned to remain in force until December 12, when the situation will be reviewed.

According to the warning, the pilots of the plane has been told not to go below 25,000 feet in an area of ​​14,000 miles in the Sinai during the flight in Sharm el-Sheikh.About 8,000 meters above sea level and about 8 thousand kilometers.